ublic Recruitment Announcement of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group (CCTEG) Central Research Institute

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In order to implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, establish and improve the scientific and technological innovation system, enhance the independent innovation ability of China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp(hereinafter referred to as “CCTEG”), and build the world-class scientific and technological innovative enterprises with global competitiveness, CCTEG Central Research Institute initiates global job posting.
        The Central Research Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCTEG, is a public welfare-driven research institute mainly composed by one functional resource and service center and three “R&D” departments which are a key common technology research institution, an emerging industrial technology research institution and an overseas “R&D” institution respectively. With the development goal of “building the world energy science and technology research center through gathering top talents, climbing the peak of science and technology, and stimulating the first motive power”, the Central Research Institute aims to be a world-class science research institution with global competitiveness, which integrates applied basic research, R&D of key common technology and emerging industrial technology, pre-research of future technology, scientific and technological talent training and innovation support.
        The specific details of recruitment are noticed as follows: 
I. Position Description and Number of Persons Needed
    (I) Research Institute of Emergency Science
        1.Research of safety risk control technology
                Chief Scientist (1)                 
                Senior Researchers (4)
        2. Research of Disaster Monitoring, Early Warning, Prevention and Control Technology
                Chief Scientist (1)                 
                Senior Researchers (3)
        3. Research of Emergency Rescue Technology and Equipment 
                Chief Scientist (1)                 
                Senior Researchers (5)
    (II)Research Institute of Underground Deep Mining and Rock Burst
        1. Underground Deep Mining Research
                Chief Scientists (1) 
                Senior Researchers (4)
        2.Rock Burst Research
                Chief Scientists (1) 
                Senior Researchers (4)
    (III) Research Institute of Smart Mine
        Smart Mine Research
                Chief Scientists (2)                 
                Senior Researchers (8)
    (IV) Research Institute of Mine Big Data
        Research of Mine Internet Big Data
                Chief Scientists (2)                 
                Senior Researchers (8)
    (V) Research Institute of Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration
        Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration
                Chief Scientists (2)                 
                Senior Researchers (4)
    (VI) Science and Technology Support Center
        1. Standard and Data Center (3)
        2. Construction of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform (3)
        3. Scientific Research Project Supervision Center (3)
II. Requirements for applicants
1. Applicants should love the People's Republic of China, observe law and discipline, be well-conducted, dare to take responsibility, be diligent, dedicated and professional, take unity and cooperation, and agree with the values and business philosophy of CCTEG.
2. Applicants should have the necessary professional knowledge to perform job duties and have strong scientific research capabilities.
3. Applicants’ undergraduate universities are required to be “Double-First Class” universities or colleges with discipline construction in China, where applicants had acquired master's degree or above; applicants should have master’s degree or above in a well-known foreign university; applicants should be researchers at well-known domestic or foreign research institutions. At the same time, applicants should have rich relevant scientific research experiences, outstanding scientific research results, and good mental health.
4. Applicants should be in compliance with other qualifications stipulated by laws and regulations.
In addition to the above requirements, applicants should also meet the job requirements. For details, please refer to the ‘Recruitment Information of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Central Research Institute’ (Annex).
III. Recruitment Process
According to the principle of ‘openness, fairness, justice, competition and merit selection’, the open recruitment shall be carried out through the process such as application and comprehensive evaluation.
IV. Notes
1. Applicants shall be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted documents. Any applicant who practices fraud will be disqualified or the labor contract will be cancelled upon verification;
2. The Company promises to keep all registration data confidential and the application documents will not be returned;
3. There are differences in the job requirements of each position. Applicants should carefully select them according to their own specialities;
4. Applicants should accurately fill in their mobile phone number  and keep mobile phones open;
5. The Company will inform applicants who pass the qualification screening to attend an interview. Those who fail the screening will not be informed;
6. This recruitment announcement has Chinese and English versions. In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail.
V. Location, Remuneration and Benefits
1. Location: Beijing 
2. We will provide admitted applicants with a competitive remuneration both in the region and in the industry, according to the selection and recruitment methods for high-level talents of CCTEG based on the applicants’ personal capabilities.
Annual income (pre-tax):  at least RMB1,000,000 for a first-level chief scientist; at least RMB800,000 for a second-level chief scientist; at least RMB500,000 for a third-level chief scientist; RMB200,000-RMB500,000 for a senior researcher.
3. Successful applicants enjoy generous benefits. For high-end talents, their benefits and job security will be negotiated one by one.
4. Application of high-level talent team is encouraged.
5. Successful applicants will have priority in projects arrangements, team formation, financial security, cooperation and communication, training and learning, overseas visits, job title evaluation, mentor application and quota of graduate student enrollment.
6. The job security, remuneration and benefits for foreign scientific researchers shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations.
VI. How to apply
1. This recruitment is effective for long time, and those who are interested are welcome to consult.
2. Application method: All applicants need to apply through the online system (link: http://zhaoping.ciichr.com/f/UR7Jag).
3. Each applicant can only apply for one position.
4. Application documents: one-inch color photo, ID card, work certificates, academic degree certificates, professional qualifications, participation certificates in related topics or scientific research projects, published papers, patents, scientific research achievements awards and other relevant documents related to the job position (original copy and scanning one), the naming format is ‘name of applicant + name of document’ (e.g. Zhang X + ID card).
5. Applicants are required to compress the electronic version of the above-mentioned application documents into a compressed package no more than 20M, named as ‘name + application position’, and upload it to the application system.
6. The interview notification will be sent separately to those who has passed the qualification screening.
7. Official website of CCTEG: www.ccteg.cn
8. Contact: Ms. Liu +86-10-84263372
China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp